Interpretation is the link between groups of people that speak different languages, come from different cultures and backgrounds, and employ different forms of communication. Interpretation helps each party understand what the other is trying to express. Every day, over a billion conversations are interpreted into several languages, between business meetings, technical visits, tours, conferences and much more.

The world will only advance inasmuch as globalization continues to expand. Interpretation is at the heart of a globalized future!



  • 120 Native Linguists

  • 20 Languages

  • Expertise in your specific industry

  • Certified Interpreters


GVTN offers interpretation services for large and small meetings. Our outstanding customer service and high quality standards sets us apart in the language service industry.

Simultaneous translation is performed in real time during any given speech. The concepts that the speaker verbalizes are fluently translated into the  language of choice. It is undoubtedly the best translation method for conferences, congresses, specialized seminars and international meetings with two or more working languages. It is also the method that produces the best results; by no means limited to the amount of listeners. International Courts of Justice, the European Union and the United Nations, International Summits and Congresses, large turnout Symposiums; all require simultaneous translations.


Consecutive interpreting is ideal for private meetings, business forums, specialized studies, presentations and personalized events for up to 10 participants. The interpreter translates the conversation or presentation from both parties in order to facilitate their exchange and to ensure fluency in their communication.


GVTN is always at the cutting edge of technology services that bolster the communication between companies and parties in different countries around the world. We ensure that every remote exchange is performed in a precise and transparent way via Skype, broadband phone service (voice over IP or VoIP) and other methods, regardless of the distance between the communicating parties.


GVTN includes translations in outstanding quality for the hearing impaired. The isolation some of the hearing impaired have suffered at events and venues is now a thing of the past. Every word, every idea and every context of the information is now accessible to them through our experts in Sign Language Interpretation.

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  • Medical & Farmaceutical

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  • IT & Software

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  • Energy & Mining

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